My EX250 Rebuild at G-Force - May 2002

I finally decided to take my tired Purple bike's engine to G-Force for a rebuild. I was happy to see that it still made between 31 and 32.5 HP (depending the dyno run) in tired form. But as the photos below show, it was definately time to have it worked on. These are the pictures Mike Norman sent me. He labeled this a time bomb. Yikes!!

This bike has gone about 2 years since it was last taken apart, once again proving that if you race an EX250, take it apart every winter if you want to save the cost of replacing a crank. Replacing crank bearings is relatively cheap compared to the cost of replacing the crank, rods and other parts that might get damaged if the thing blows up. It's just a fact of life for EX250s.

(click on image for larger version)

Debris in cases

Debris in the bottom of case

Delaminating Bearing

Bearing starting to delaminate

Time Bomb - another bad bearing

An even worse bearing - can you say "Time Bomb"
Mike Norman did

Oil Sump Debris

Debris in the oil sump

Posted 5/17/02