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  Photo credit - Gary Rather Photo Credit - Gary Rather

Motorcycle Racing - AFM, CCS and Otherwise

This is what I do with my spare time. Above is my Yamaha FZR400 (left) and Honda VFR400 (right). The VFR is my main ride for AFM 450 Superbike and various CCS classes. The FZR is used for endurance racing with team "To Mikes, Spyke and a Bike."

The pictures at the bottom of this page show me racing on my both '88 and '94 EX250 which I use for AFM 250 Production. I have been racing the EX250 since 1998. I started racing the FZR400 in 2000 (with our first endurance race), and full time for the 2001 season. Mid 2002, I purchased the VFR400 after a bike destroying crash on the FZR. The FZR is now back together, but the VFR has replaced it as my main ride.

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Below are various links to other sites, or pictures of racing events.

250 Production - 2000 Year Book

FZR400 Engine Rebuild - August 2002

AFM Sears Point - 8/18/02

- Pit Photos
- 250 Production Race Photos
- 450 Production Race Photos

CCS Thunderhill - 8/10, 8/11, 2002

- Pit Photos
- US GPRU Race Photos

AFM Thunderhill - 6/16/02 - Various pictures including my mangled FZR400.

My EX250 Rebuild at G-Force - May 2002 - A Bomb waiting to go off.

CCS Thunderhill - 4/28/02 - Pictures of Mark White on track.

CCS Thunderhill - 4/27/02 - Pictures of my broken exhaust pipe.

AFM Sears Point - 4/14/02 - Various pictures from the weekend.

AFM Sears Point - 4/13/02 - Crash Damage on Steve Demopolous' SV650.

The 250p Email list at Yahoo Groups.

Steve Chan's "Unofficial AFM 250 Production" Web Site and Picture Archive.

Bruce Gutman's 250P Web Site.

More pictures of me racing.

Pictures and video of Chris McGrail and John Rabasa crashing.

Jesse Dolan and Mike Barentson make contact (mikeb-contact.mpg).


Thunderhill - June 16, 2002

Photo Credit - Gary Rather

My '94 EX250 which replaced the bike shown below.

Buttonwillow - March 26, 2000

Me posing for the camera - 2000

Michael Lohmeyer, AFM #177
My original race bike - an '88 EX250


Thunderhill - June 20, 1999

Me posing for the camera - 1999

My number changed from 977 to 177 starting with the 2000 race season.

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