Sold - '73 Honda CB500 For Sale

This bike is complete, but contains a CB550 engine in the frame. The original CB500 engine is included with the bike. Both engines run, but the CB500 engine has lost 4th gear (it won't stay in gear). Hence why the CB550 engine is in the frame now. Also, both engines leak oil from the head gasket (the typical 70's Honda head leak). Mechanically, some parts on ths bike are in great shape (the steering stem bearings are new and some electrical parts were replaced), but other items would need going over again, and it would need a new battery.

The bike is almost completely original (the handle bars and rear shocks are not original). Cosmetically, it isn't going to win any awards. The seat foam is good, but there are a couple cuts in the cover. The fuel tank is clean inside, but has three dents on it. The chrome shows some pitting. It can be shined up easily. The bike has been garaged for the last 12 years since I got it. The paint is original and both side covers are in tact. All emblems are attached. The RPM gauge glass is missing. The gauge works, but is exposed (as noted by the bent needle). Original keys are available and the original Owner's Manual is provided as well. I have a rear luggage rack (and detachable sissy bar - woohoo) and a few parts as well.

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