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MHP Dual Left/Right Exhaust for NC35 with NC30 Conversion Pipe

The MHP dual canister exhaust shown below is the type that mounts with a single can on each side of the bike (as opposed to the dual stack type). But, this pipe was made for an NC35. Below are shown pictures of this exhaust along with a custom pipe that was made to allow use of the pipes on an NC30.

Left Hand pipe (for rear cylinders) - MHP pipe for NC35, with custom pipe made to fit the MHP pipe on an NC30's rear header.

The custom pipe that was fabricated to attach the MHP pipe to the rear NC30 header.

Both MHP pipes arranged in the way they would mount on the bike with the NC30 custom pipe. Note that both use the stock NC30/35 header pipes. But, since the NC35 header pipe is different than the NC30, the custom pipe is required.
Same picture as the previous picture, but a different angle.
Same picture, from the left side.

The original MHP canisters and pipes as they would mount on the NC35.
The custom pipe shown separately.
My helper.
Hey! Leave that alone!

Posted 4/2003

Last Updated: Wed, May 14, 2003

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