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TCM Products Rearsets for NC30 and NC35

Below are pictures of the TCM Products rearsets I am using on my race bike. These rearsets fit both the Honda VFR400 and RVF400 (NC30 and NC35). They are currently available from G-Force Performance Center.

I already had a set of rearsets for my bike, but I didn't have a complete set of spares and wasn't sure where to buy new spares. Also, in a previous crash, I wasn't happy with how the rearsets survived. One of them cracked at the peg mount and had to be re-welded. Pictures of my old resets can be seen here.

The new rearsets from TCM are much more stout and look much better than my old rearsets. Unfortunately I have already crash tested them. I am happy to see the peg mounts and pegs handled the crash much better than the old rearsets.

Pictures below show damage to the left rearset, caused when I hit the brakes too hard and lost the front. The bike fell from an almost upright position onto the left side. The shift lever caught on the edge of the track and was bent and flipped backwards, and the peg ground down on the pavement. But, the rearset is otherwise unbent. The shift lever and rod can be bent back easily with a hammer, and the peg is still long enough to be functional and safe.

Later the same weekend, someone hit my bike and knocked it over in the pits. It fell on the right side (and right rearset). The rearset was undamaged other than a minor scratch on the end of the foot peg.

In both accidents, the rearset helped prevent significant damage to the side of the bike. It reminded me that with solid rearsets and crash spools (which I need to get), it is possible to crash a bike without causing significant damage. A picture below shows the damage caused to the left side of my bike after my crash. Without a stout rearset peg, the exhaust canister probably would have been destroyed as well as other damage. As it is, the exhaust canister, side panels and fuel tank sustained only minor scratches, and the rear tail section was untouched. The minimal damage was because the clip on and rearset sustained the brunt of the force from falling over.

(click on image for a larger version)

Left Rearset - forward view
Left Rearset - side view
Left Rearset - rear view
Left Rearset - showing shift rod in GP shift pattern. The rearsets fit with a normal shift pattern as well.
Right Rearset - forward view
Right Rearset - side view
Right Rearset - rear view

This is the rearset that my bike fell on when it was knocked over in the pits. It isn't apparent, but there are a couple minor scratches on the end of the peg. The rearset is otherwise undamaged.

Right Rearset - top view
Crash damage - This was a left side crash caused by over braking. The bike fell from an almost up-right position. The rearset and clip-on helped save the pipe and body work. The tank was scratched slightly, but left undented, and the rear tail section was untouched. It shows how a stout peg/rearset can go a long way toward saving bodywork in a crash. If I had side crash spools, I imagine the side panels would have been untouched.
The shift lever caught on the edge of the track and was flipped backwards, bending the shift rod.
Shows the bend in the shift rod.
Picture of an unbent/uncrashed left rearset.
Picture of the crashed rearset. Note how the peg ground down and is shorter now, but is otherwise still functional and not bent. The shifter lever and rod can be bent back, making the entire rearset functional again. There was no bending of the rearset mount or chain guard.
NC Pair Pic
TCM's Photo - left and right rearsets plus shift rod (the entire kit)
Brake Side Viewed From Above
TCM's Photo - right rearset, top view
Shift Side Viewed From Above
TCM's Photo - left rearset, top view
Shift Lever Side
TCM's Photo - left rearset
Brake Lever Side
TCM's Photo - right rearset

Posted 7/30/2003

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