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Where is G-Force Performance Center?

You came to this page because you clicked a link to G-Force Performance Center on my web site. Unfortunately, G-Force Performance Center (GFPC) and no longer exist.

GFPC is no longer operating as a regular business. The shop still exists in a new location, but GFPC does not. Mike Norman and Mike Sampognaro, co-owners of GFPC, closed their doors in the Summer 2005 and moved. Several of us share the rent and it is now our hobby shop. Mike Norman is still doing stuff with the VFR400 and RVF400, but his efforts are significantly curtailed.

If you need to get a hold of Mike Norman or G-Force, the old phone number still works, (408) 244-8090 (USA), or email me (at the webmaster link below) and I'll forward your message (sorry, I don't want to post Mike's email address due to spam bots). However, since G-Force is not a full time business anymore response to your call may be limited. Mike Norman is still very enthusiastic about performance engines (and he's still one of the best engine builders I know). He plans to continue engine building on the side including head porting, R&D, and other stuff, but his real job has to take precedence.

The G-Force dyno is still set up. Mike Sampognaro plans to run the dyno on a part time basis for people needing engine tuning. If you are looking for dyno or Power Commander tuning, call (408) 244-8090 and ask for Mike Sampognaro.

If you have other questions about G-Force, email me at the webmaster link below.


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