Damage to Gage Block during shipping

Wooden boxes designed to hold precision machining tools are not designed for shipping those tools. Not without extra packing. This was a $2000 set of precision gage blocks. Starret says on their web site, make sure the little blocks can't move around (put a layer of packing material inside the box), and strap the wooden box with strapping material or strong tape to support the box. I told the shipper this, but he didn't listen. This item weighs about 10 lbs total.

Not only did the gage blocks bash their way out of the wooden box, but then they destroyed the original shipping box. The shipping box you see in the pictures is not the original shipping box. The USPS had to repack the contents in a new box. Amazingly, none of the gage blocks were lost, but because their fragile precision surfaces are easily scratched, about 2/3rd of the blocks were ruined. Most of this is just scrap metal now. Such a waste.

This was an eBay item. The pictures were taken as I unpacked it. The seller offered a refund.

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