Shipping Damage to TRS-80 Model 4

The box this computer came in was no longer a box. It was a ball. All the corners of the box had been rounded off so the box looked more like a ball than a box. Sorry, I didn't get a picture of the box.

What happened? The cardboard box used to ship the computer was a Brawny paper towel box. Obviously the cardboard was not strong enough to contain a 25 lbs computer as it was only designed to contain paper towels. Plus the packing material inside the box was inadequate, offering practically no protection.

The pictures only show damage on the exterior. Internally, the CRT broke it's mounts and was loose.

(click on picture for a full size image)

Major crack in upper right corner.
Major crack in upper right corner.
Major crack in upper right corner.
Impact in corner also resulted in crack next to floppy drives...
...and crack around monitor bezel.
Note how monitor is pulled back from bezel, and gap between upper and lower parts of bezel.
Also, note gap between right side of floppy and disk drive. The case is no longer square.
Broken corner at left rear - only held on by an internal screw).
TRS-80 Model 4 from eBay - damage from shipping.