TRS-80 Model I Documentation

The following documents were found from various locations on the web. I offer thanks to those that spent the time scanning these docs as it is a time consuming and thankless job.

There are several variations of these docs floating around the net, and it can be confusing knowing exactly what doc you need vs. what is yet another copy of the same manual you already downloaded elsewhere. Rather than offering all the duplicate files and extraneous stuff which most people really don't need, the purpose of this page is to offer the most complete and current versions of the docs (that I could find) which you do need, and with explanations as to why you care. If there's something you are looking for that isn't here, I may have it. Just contact me.

If you have a newer or better version of one of these documents, or a doc which you think should be added here, please let me know so I can update this archive.

Overview Manuals and BASIC Language Programming

Expansion Interface, Disk Drives, TRS-DOS, and Disk BASIC

Technical Reference and Service Manuals

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