Chris McGrail and John Rabasa Crashing - July 15, 2000

Sears Point - AFM Saturday Practice

Below are links to the video John Rabasa (AFM #789) took while following Chris McGrail (AFM #886) during practice on Saturday, July 15th at Sears Point Raceway. Chris high sided at the exit of turn 6 and did a flip over the bike. John, having little time to react, ran into Chris' bike, but thankfully did not hit Chris.

Use the following links to download the video clip. You'll need Windows Media Player to play the AVI clips and Quicktime to play the Quicktime clip.  Left clicking on the link will play the clip in your browser window. If you want to save the video clip, right click on the link and select save file under the menu. If you have trouble playing them, email me here.

The AVI files start from the top of turn 6.  The Quicktime file starts from before turn 4 and shows Chris passing John (nice pass).  

Small AVI 640K, 320x240,  15 fps, lower quality.
Medium AVI 2 Meg, 320x240, 15 fps, higher quality
Large AVI 10 Meg, 640x480, 30 fps higher quality
Quicktime 7 Meg, 640x480, higher quality
The pictures below were taken from the video clip. If you like surprises, don't scroll through the pictures until after you watch the video. Otherwise, check out the pictures while you wait for the video to download.

The pictures and video clips linked on this page are Copyright 2000, by John Rabasa.

Chris leaving a black streak.

High side!

I wonder what Chris was thinking at this point?

I wonder what John was thinking at this point?

This is gonna hurt.

Last frame before the camera goes blank. John's bike is about to hit Chris' bike.

See some interesting "art" done by Jim Race here.  Jim's comment about it follows:

"With apologies to both you (Chris) and John for stealing a frame from the video, and also to Photoshop for mangling the image I bring you one of the last frames that were displayed, rotated 90 degrees, CCW and with some low-budget effects and sharpening thrown in. It's practically art. :)"

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