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I am often asked various questions about racing, riding, what is a good bike to race, etc. This page is intended to offer some comments on these topics. It will grow slowly over time. In the mean time, the best place to start learning about racing is to check out the web sites for the race clubs in your area. In Northern California, USA, check out AFM ( and CCS ( Also, WERA started racing in Southern CA recently, and WSMC has been running races at Willow Springs Raceway in Southern CA for years as well. Most race organizations have a "how to get started racing" page, as well as a forum or email list which you should join and start asking questions.

If you aren't ready for racing, or want a lower key way to learn to ride on a track, there are a nuymber of track day organizations such as Keigwin's @ The Track (K@TT), ZoomZoom Track Days, Pacific Track Time, dP Safety School, and more. Some of these track day organizations offer formal instruction, informal instruction, or just time on the track to do what you want to do. If you have never ridden on a track, I strongly recommend you sign up for a formal track school like offered by Keigwin's @ The Track and others first. Many track day organizations offer both formal track school days as well as informal days.

For more information about track days and track schools in California, a good place to look is at the Bay Area Rider's Forum (BARF) under their "Trackdays" forum. Also, search the Internet for other track day resources and web sites. There are many web sites dedicated to track riding, and offer much better information than I can offer here.

Below are some articles about racing, track riding, and riding in general:

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