TRS-80 Manuals and Documents

Have you found a TRS-80 without any documents and you want to know what to do with it? There are several sites with hoards of manuals for these machines, often with several versions of the same manual. So, I have condensed that all down to the "simple" set of standard manuals you need to use your TRS-80 (getting started, Basic, DOS, etc.). I have also included links to the best technical manuals if you are trying to repair your TRS-80.

I update this as time allows. Sorry not everything is completely or well explained below.

If you want a more complete set of TRS-80 manuals, magazines, and other documents, then you need to download the 17 GB torrent that has been floating around for a few years. The link below is a .torrent file that must be used with a Bit Torrent client (uTorrent, Vuze, etc.). If the torrent doesn't work, email me. I don't alway seed it.

This torrent was originally started by "Derek" in 2007 and was posted on The torrent has been copied to several different sites and trackers, but since it disappears and re-appears over time, I decided to make this page so I can easily direct people to the torrent.

Here is the original comment when posted to the torrent tracker:

"This is a 5 DVD file archive of the web site dated 5/2005. Recently removed all the files from their web site. This torrent contains magazines scans, Catalogs, software for various TRS-80 models and emulation files. The purpose of this torrent is to ensure that all these vintage computer files and scans are not lost and shared with the vintage computing community."

Furthermore, here is Derek's comment when he first listed the torrent on a couple public forums:

"I have posted a 5 DVD archive of IRA's site dated 5-2005 via a torrent ( I asked his permission 1st). The only way this will work is if those of you who download also make sure to leave your torrent client running and upload as well. I will leave my torrent up for at least 30 days to get it seeded."

Note, the torrent mostly contains documents (manuals, magazines, etc.). Don't download this torrent expecting to find TRS-80 software because this torrent doesn't have the software, just manuals and documents.

Also, there are many manuals that are still missing form this archive, but which I have collected from other sources. If you don't find what you are looking for, ask me, and I may have it.

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